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Approximately 180 Days

So, whereis everyone today? The past few days haven't been all that…

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Approximately 180 Days

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So, whereis everyone today?

The past few days haven't been all that great for me food-wise. I've been eating some things I haven't had for awhile. Thursday I pigged out on mini-donuts and cheetos. I had cheetos on Friday and yesterday, too. Well, and this morning as well. I've been having a roast beef sandwich in a whole grain pita for breakfast and lunch lately, with the cheetos on the side. After my pig-out on Thursday, I've only been having the cheetos in moderation (about a serving based on the nutritional info). I haven't had any more donuts, but I did have a blueberry muffin yesterday. Yesterday was kind weird for food, too. For dinner I had pizza (no sauce), some cornchips with cheese dip, and a light ice cream banana split for dessert. And lots of water. I went to bed early (10:30) and when I got on the scale this morning (fully clothed) I weighed in at 219! This means that since I normally weigh without clothes, I probably would have been around 217. Woo!

Makes me happy, happy. I'd like to lose 10 more by Easter, but unless I get very serious about what I am eating I don't see it happening. Five pounds is entirely doable. I can set ten as my goal, though.

Come on, set a goal with me! It can be anything, it doesn't have to be weightloss. It can be exercising, trying something new, whatever.

My goal: 10 lbs down by April 8.

What's yours? Post it here in your own entry.
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