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Approximately 180 Days

Food and holidays

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Approximately 180 Days

Food and holidays

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I went out to eat with my mom and sister today. We went to one of those awesome Greek places that has EVERYTHING under the sun. I could have had an omelette, a gyros sandwich, all sorts of pies and fried stuff, but i ordered broiled tilapia and steamed broccoli with a baked potato. I felt kind of sorry for myself - my mom was digging into her juicy, greasy patty melt - but as soon as i began eating, i knew i made the right choice. it was yummy and delicious, and I knew I was doing myself a big favor by eating right.

Tomorrow I am eating fish and crab and mussels, and i know I may be picking on a taco salad as well, so I want to be careful about what i put in my mouth. It'll be a long road, but i know I have to watch portions in order to get healthy. It's so easy for me to snack and eat until I am stuffed beyond reason over the holidays; there is so much good "bad" food all around. I have to get a handle of what is enough to eat, and what is overdoing a good thing.

Who knows where I'll be in three months, but I am trying to set my mind into doing what's right so I am 30 pounds lighter by then, and well on my way to better health.
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