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Approximately 180 Days

Shh - don't jinx it!

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Approximately 180 Days

Shh - don't jinx it!

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Be Kind to Yourself
I've been doing fairly well. I'm down 3 pounds in the last two weeks, which I'll attribute almost entirely to not eating a giant mocha java and bakery muffin for breakfast. (More cash in my pocket too.) I've been putting half and half in the work coffee and while that's not super healthy, I'm finding I don't really need that much of it for the coffee to taste decent and I still feel like I'm getting a treat. So, yeah.

I've been pretty good about packing my lunch and the day I ate out I got a big salad from Macy's. It was delicious and I think my budget will allow one or two of those a week. It motivates me to walk the skyways on my lunch break and it's a tasty way to add more protein to my lunches since I'm not so smart on what to pack from home yet.

Big deal tomorrow -- I'm going back to yoga for the first time in almost a year. My gym has a new beginning yoga class at a time I can actually make. Keeping my fingers crossed. I really hope I can get back into this. (I told my husband he was getting me yoga pants for Valentine's Day.)

My big 6 month, being ready for the chick hike, is being postponed. The spring hike would take me out of town the entire Memorial Day Weekend and while I really want to do the hike, I don't want to miss a holiday weekend AND my birthday. There's another hike in October and I'm planning on signing up for that. Lake Superior is beautiful in the fall (and significantly less muddy.)
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