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Approximately 180 Days

Stats on the fats

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Approximately 180 Days

Stats on the fats

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Since the day after Christmas I have been mindful of my bad carb intake, as I have insulin resistance and when I eat bad carbs, I gain weight like I'm taking it in through my breath. I am happy to say I have stopped the crazy cycle of weight gain-weight loss by eating really healthy foods and being very mindful of my portions, and I am holding steady for now.

I have not been at my gym -I got a second job instead - but once that gym turns to a 24-hour, I will be a few feet from that gym after my second job hours, so three days a week I'll be right there to work out as soon as I leave work!

Also, I have slowly started introducing myself to my at-home elliptical, which is a ball buster compared to the ones at the gym.

I have not yet successfully incorporated regular exercise regiment into my schedule, but I am making head-way on the food front, which motivates me. It has helped a great deal with depression and feeling awful, so that is something. I need help with the gym factor and the "get off your ass and move" factor, but it's slowly creeping into my life.

Knowing my pals are doing it really helps.
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